Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

When taking a mortgage, a broker is very important to help you through the process. When it comes to taking a mortgage, the process can be difficult given the different choices and options. You need to get someone with a good understanding of the loan process.

A mortgage is a long-term loan, and you need someone with the skills and experience. Taking a mortgage might take long, but the process is worth it. With the best mortgage broker, you will avoid the stress and the long process of taking a loan. Here are reasons to use a mortgage broker:

Eliminate the Stressful Buying Process

mortgageBuying a house can be a stressful process. If you want to make the process short and stress-free, make sure that you get a broker. The broker will help you to find the best loan provider for your home. Finding a loan provider can be difficult because sometimes it is difficult to find the right one.

The mortgage broker will help you with the paperwork and also the approval process. You can go ahead with your other activities as you wait for the best loan providers for you.

Get the Best Deal

If you want to get the best deal for your mortgage, you need to involve a broker. Interest rates can be confusing, and you need to find the right deal in the market. In case you want to find the best mortgage, interest rate involves a broker.

Brokers know how to negotiate and help you to find the best rate. They are skilled in negotiating with banks, and it is possible to get a fair rate for your mortgage.

Fasten the Process

If you want to close the deal in the shortest time possible, make sure that you involve a broker. Brokers know how to close the deal faster because they dedicate their time into the job.

In case you want to save time and avoid the need to look for a mortgage yourself get a broker. The broker will make sure that you get your house in the shortest time possible.


Large Network

Mortgage brokers are highly connected. Working with a broker will enable you to take advantage of all the large networks of banks and other brokers.

It is possible to get the specific type of mortgage that you want. Brokers can use their networks to get exactly what you want.…

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Everything You Need About the IR35 Law

Contractors are legally mandated by the law to be compliant with IR35. Well, you might have heard about the IR35 but you do not know much about it. What is IR35? Ideally, this is government legislation that was meant to curb the rising cases of tax evasion among employees. Workers known to evade paying tax are often perceived as disguised on employees in that they work for their companies only to claim the same tax efficiencies.

Who is Caught by IR35

IR35 calculations

This rule primarily applies to “relevant engagements” – when an individual provides some services through an intermediary that is often a limited liability company. In the case of an intermediary, the income earned would be classified as that of an employee especially if the individual was contracted directly. Ideally, there are three main tests used to determine whether an individual is caught by IR35 – self-employed or employed.

  • Control

A worker can never be classified to be an employee unless there is a right to exercise some authority over the said employee. The right of control primarily involves monitoring what work is being done, how it is done, and where it is done. Here, actual control is not the main the primary focus; it’s the right of authority that matters.

  • Mutuality of Obligation

Within any contract, there will always be some mutual obligations. Ideally, the commitment to work or provide a service forms part of any contract. However, for a joint obligation of the contract to exist, you need to demonstrate an obligation to offer and another obligation to accept future jobs.

  • The Right to Get a Helper for the Job

Personal services are essential in any employment contract. To be self-employed, one has the right to do the job or hire someone else to help them with the job. This is not the case with an employee as he or she is only required to do the job.

Implications of Being inside the IR35

filing taxes

If by any chance you are caught by the IR35, you re barred from using traditional tax-planning methods, which help minimize your tax regulations. Instead, you are obliged to pay all proceeds are salary, meaning that self-employed persons are treated as permanent employees.

The rules and regulations governing IR35 are always not easy to follow.…